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What You Get with WebCEO:

  • Use 22 pro-level SEO software tools to do keyword research and check rankings, run in-depth SEO audits, monitor backlinks, conduct safe link building and link detox, social media analysis and competitor research.
  • Help your SEO team collaborate effectively: with no extra charge for as many simultaneous users as you want, the Task Manager will automatically update with specific SEO tasks that can be spread evenly among your team.
  • Manage hundreds of client sites easily: add multiple projects and schedule SEO tasks in a batch, see progress at a glance and get in-depth marketing analytics for each site. SEO alerts will warn you about critical issues.
  • Get new SEO leads daily: embed a lead generation widget on your site where your site visitors can request an SEO report delivered with your brand by your email address. Convert these prospects easily into customers.
  • Set up a white-label marketing platform that you can host on your own domain as if it were developed by your own team. Assign user roles and scan limits to fit your budget. Enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing and angelic support.
  • Impress your clients with beautiful SEO reports branded with your company logo. Let clients use your own white-label SEO tools on your own domain.
  • Earn big profits by offering SEO services backed up by these best-of-breed digital marketing tools with an average marginal cost of $4-6/mo per project.

We communicate with in-house SEO teams, freelancers and Digital Agencies on a daily basis, so we’ve developed a digital marketing platform to meet their demands. We believe we can meet yours, too!

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Why Our Customers Can’t Live Without WebCEO:

Joel Gross

WebCEO has a very intuitive interface that lets you quickly access information on different campaigns and efforts. The suite was built specifically for professional SEO teams and has everything you need.
Before I used WebCEO, reporting to clients could be painful and time consuming. Now I can confidently build reports that are very accurate and thorough. We are seeing much better results for our client campaigns using WebCEO. Coalition Technologies loves using WebCEO!

Joel Gross, Owner of Coalition Technologies, SEO Expert Consultant


Deb Cinkus The ability to customize the report content for each client project is excellent, and easy to use. One of my clients said that every other SEO professional has talked about SEO with “smoke and mirrors” and the reports we provide from WebCEO give clear, actionable data.

Another great feature is the Keyword basket, and the ability to tag keywords. This gives us good organization tools for each project when we are doing keyword analysis.

Deb Cinkus, CEO of Polished Geek


Leonardo Baeza Let me tell you that WebCEO is far superior to Your reports, PDF files, the way you enhance the analysis and present the data. It’s so simple and yet, so incredibly complete. I’m very happy with my decision to make this change, because your online suite is really made for professional SEO and it is not complex at all. Au contraire, it has everything well paced and named.

You must be proud.

Leonardo Baeza, Marketing Manager at Buda


DJ Kennedy

Before WebCEO, reporting on keyword rankings was laborious, inaccurate and increasingly unreliable. We found that gathering this data ourselves wasn’t going to scale as we expanded our client-base and subsequently the number of reports we needed. After working with WebCEO we have found our ranking reports to be much more accurate and reliable and we’re absolutely thrilled with how their API integrates with our proprietary lead management tool AdLuge. WebCEO delivered more than we expected. We’re now building the fourth version of AdLuge and we’re really excited for WebCEO platform to be a part of our software from the start.

DJ Kennedy, CEO of TechWyse Internet Marketing and Founder of AdLuge

techwyse_review adluge_review

Bernd Oldenbeuving We have been using WebCEO for more than 6 years. It helps us in analyzing customer websites and in guiding them through the ever changing world of “Search Engine Optimization”. We have customers who want us to use a long term approach and customers that need a single “consult.” Those in the first group were convinced, after seeing the first results, that the long term approach would be the most effective way to increase quality traffic to their site. We use WebCEO in different ways for different customers. Some do the fine tuning themselves, others choose to have Oltech guide them through the SEO World. Both are provided with quality data, but on different levels. WebCEO has the power to provide reports for different levels of end users, making it a valuable tool for us and for our customers.

WebCEO gave us the tools to expand our business and increase customer satisfaction!

Bernd Oldenbeuving, Founder and CEO of Oltech Solutions


Coert Coomans

Amazing technical support for the API and white label solutions.

Coert Coomans, CEO at Protagonist BV


Lilach Galor

As an agency, the transition to WebCEO benefits us a lot in matters of working time and cost savings. We can analyze the situation of a website much faster than we did before and have much more information available. It also generate cost savings because instead of paying separately for each SEO tool, with WebCEO we have everything under the same roof with only one fee. And finally, very good reports to deliver to our customers. Congratulations.

Lilach Galor, CEO of SEO Simple


David Waring

WebCEO is the best SEO software for small businesses. When comparing them against 3 major competitors, they were the only one to provide easy to follow, step by step guidance for improving search engine rankings.

David Waring, Co-Founder of Fit Small Business


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