A little snippet of info on SEO Relatively modern: Tips for 2013

This one’s a doozie worth downloading. It’s so pretty too: Beginners Guide to SEO

Infographic about SEO: The World’s Interest in SEO

A SEO article with an inforative Video and a periodic table of SEO: What is SEO

Here’s a useful little PDF (or not so little) that is created by the big cheeses themselves, Google. Much like the Beginners Guide To SEO, but with a Google spin on it. Soak it up little grasshopper. Wax on, Wax off: SEO Starter Guide

An informative and detailed guide to the more advanced side of SEO. I’ll have to read into it more when I can understand what is going on and when I’m ready to bear the incredibly annoying pop ups this author thinks that his readers need to be subjected to: The Advanced Guide to SEO

Just when you thought marketing- in particular, digital marketing- couldn’t have any more acronyms, this guy decides to add some more to SEO. REAL SEO is what he calls it; it’s an interesting take on remember key points about SEO before actually doing your SEO. REAL COOL: How to make your SEO – REAL SEO

This seems like it can be important in a Digital Marketing career. Its all about how to SEO your blog. I want to do it, and I’m sure some company I’m involved with will want that too: SEO for Blogs


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