Search Engine Optimization | Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO describes the work involved in organic (non-paid) ranking of a website in search engines.  SEO has been the driving factor behind every major website on the web for the last ten years. Zillow would just be a funny name if they were not successful at outranking other real estate websites in the search engines. 

At One Click SEO, we look at Search Engine Optimization as much more than ranking a page for a specific keyword.  We consider SEO to be the full gambit of Digital Marketing and online lead generation.  We define success NOT by page one rankings, but by a ROI – return on investment. 

Organic ranking of a website is not a commodity type of internet marketing service such as Google Ads or Facebook Marketing.  To dominate search engine results requires experience, knowledge and time dedicated to constantly staying on top of the over 200 Google algorithm updates per year.

We have over 17 years of enterprise level digital marketing strategy with SEO at the center.  Previously branded as DEAN Knows, we have made our name nationally successfully ranking our clients websites in the most competitive industries such as Real Estate SEO, Medical, Law and others.