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Welcome to part 2 of 9 of our SEO tutorial. Feel free to email us if you have an questions on these videos or our SEO services.

To get Google Keyword Planner, you need a Google AdWords account. If you don’t use a credit card, you sign into Google Adwords and it’s going to come to this screen [sign up form]. If you click anything other than this (see video), that email will be locked in forever. Click “Skip the guided setup”.

When you click ‘skip the guided setup’, you’ll get the Google Keyword Planner, but it will be limited. It won’t show geography and that sort of thing. If you put in your credit card, you get a more robust Google keyword planner. If you’re going to use your credit card and you want the full system, put in your email address.

Next, Google Adwords will ask: What is your website? [referring to the sign-up form input] If you don’t have one right now, because we don’t know what we’re going to use, just put in anything. I don’t want personalized information [referring to the sign-up form input], continue.

When we go to Google Keyword Planner, have your Gmail set up and log in to your Gmail. You can google “Google Keyword Planner” if you don’t know where to go, it’ll take you to AdWords but it’s going to ask you to sign in anyway, so click sign in. You’re going to sign in with your Gmail account.

I already have an AdWords account set up here. You’ll find the Keyword Planner under Tools [top right wrench icon]. Once you do set it up through credit card, or not through credit card, you can go to Google Keyword Planner. Sometimes, the Google search works and sometimes you have to click this little wrench [referring to the toolbar on the website] and click Google Keyword Planner.

Now Google Keyword Planner has changed from the last lecture, now what you have to do is to put in a search term. I’m going to type, because I already have a domain setup, “business”. Now if click “enter”, and then “get started”, these are my business searches, but it’s for Canada. Up here in Locations – Canada. 33,100 searches a month for “business”, 12,000 for “businesses”, “Business news”, all kinds of business searches.

Now I just want Calgary [clicks Location tab], I don’t care about all the searches in Canada, so I’m going to click this X [referring to the website]. Narrow it down into our location, Calgary. Now I can expand this if I want, but I’m happy with this.

What are the searches in Calgary? 1,600, 5,900. I’m going to add more. “Business advice”, “Businesses for sale”, “business financing”, then click get results. Now here are three search terms and their monthly searches. Okay, trying to sort by search. The “business” is going to be the most difficult search term, and I’m just going to say there are some many Google’s “business” that I’m not even going to try.
Scores here are for “business for sale”, “business news”, “businesses”, “work from home”, these are all great topics, “business plan template”, “marketing”.

Now I know there’s enough volume in Calgary for the term “business”. It was kind of obvious anyway, but this is for an example. Maybe it was for candy store, or whatever 10 topic you want to search.

I then go to Go Daddy, or any other domain companies. I just chose GoDaddy because I’ve used it in the past; this is not an endorsement for Go Daddy. I sign in, and then search for “calgarybusiness”. I just put that search in, is it available? Only as a .co [referring to search results], I want the .com. is for sale, I don’t want that. You go up and down trying to find something that’s close to an exact match of what I want. Luckily, I did find that and I bought it. And it’s this website, and then I installed WordPress. So let’s just go back to our checklist here. Okay, choose a domain name, okay. Buy the domain, install WordPress. So we’re up to here.

So we’re going to set up Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, Google AdWords. I bought the domain, but hyphen. Now Calgary hyphen might not be as good as, but it’s still pretty good. If I had two or three hyphens in my name, it really starts to drop off on its worth. Maybe it’s considered as spam, or a less desirable domain. Google is much less inclined to rank it. If you do a lot of searches, you’ll notice, first page, try to see how many hyphens there are in the first page of any search. And you’ll find it for yourself how often a hyphened domain gets ranked. And then versus a double hyphened domain. I rarely see double hyphened domains come up in the search.

So you bought the domain and installed WordPress. Next we need to install Google Analytics.