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When you become a Coalition client, we’ll immediately begin analyzing your website, products, business, and industry. We want to know everything we can about all of it, good and bad. This is an important first step that helps our SEO team prepare for keyword research, link building, and outreach. We also use this information to help craft custom SEO pricing and strategies.



After learning everything we can about both your business and your competition, we create both short- and long-term strategies. These include carefully constructed plans for keywords, copy, link building, outreach, and any other services you’ve chosen, such as PPC, email, and social media marketing. Once everything is laid out, it’s time for our specialized teams to get to work.



Now that our teams have a strategy, they can begin working on their specific tasks. Our copy team will create and optimize engaging copy using your keywords, branding, and tone. Our developers will crawl your site to find any duplicate copy, missing page elements, or other problems that can lower your rankings. Our link building team will reach out to websites with the most relevant domain authority and secure backlinks. And our marketing team will source and secure the most popular bloggers, influencers, and creators for product reviews.



When you start with us, you are assigned your own team of specialists who will work with you throughout the entire process. You Digital Producers will be your immediate point of contact and they will also schedule alignment calls on a bi-weekly basis. These calls will include updates on our progress, any questions we may have for you, and our plans for the next stage. This will also be a great opportunity for you to discuss feedback and any sales, stock changes, or events you have coming up.



We want you to know exactly what’s going on at all times. That’s why we use high-end software like ScoreTask to track everything we do in-house, multiple analytics tools to track every movement on your website, and Basecamp for real-time document sharing and communication. We also send you frequent reports on your metrics so you can see what we’ve done and how it’s impacted your bottom line.



Once we’ve implemented our SEO strategy for your business, you will start seeing changes in your traffic, conversions, and revenue. Those changes may build over time or they may be shockingly quick, depending on a variety of factors like the age of your website and the services we’ve provided. We’ll track all of these growth factors and continue to implement our long-term strategies to push you to the very top.