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If your website is not in the top search engines, how will your customers find you? Learn the techniques, tips, indexing strategies and gain the competitive edge you need in e-business. Welcome to Submit Corner. This website was developed with the goal of helping businesses and webmasters optimize their rankings to the top of search engines. We’ve created guides and web-based tools to help prepare and scan your website before submitting to search engines. Using our tools and guides, you get a full site optimization at your fingertips without costing you a penny.

Software Solutions
By popular demand, Submit Corner has added customized consulting services and included our suggested software packages for individuals and organizations who want a hassle free experience in optimizing their website at affordable rates.

What’s New On Submit Corner

New Word Tracker Service
The most powerful search engine keyword research tool available on the Internet is Word Tracker. This tool crawls through various search engines and compiles related keywords based on search volume, popularity and compares your keywords to your competitors. Get a 30 day free trial and a bonus subscription to our weekly publication of the search engine most active 500 keywords delivered to your email each week.

Suggested Software Packages
Looking for a commercial package to optimize your website? Take the experts advise and a look at our reviews of the most popular submission and optimization products.


Bandwidth Conversation Guide
Lighten the weight of your webpages with these insider tricks and tips to delivering a fast web page.
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META Tag Guide
You’ve got a killer idea and a website. Now learn how to get your website noticed in search engines with this comprehensive guide to META tags featuring over a dozen tags and their usage.
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Search Engine Guide
Before rushing off to submit your site to search engines, find out exactly what they look for when indexing your pages.
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Site Improvement Guide
Want to be on top of the search engines? Learn how small tweaks to your webpages can land your site in the top rankings.
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Web Assessment Guide
Easily learn how to track if your site was spidered successfully, which sites link to yours and whom are your competitors.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Recommendations
See what we recommend to get your website off with a bang and how to effectively get listed in search engines.
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Got questions about search engines or the techniques we illustrate on our site? Ask us your questions on this interactive forum.
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Online Toolshop

Online Web Tools
Tune-up your website with our online tools and help tweak your site to improve search engine performance.
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